ELRONDAGUEL S.L. is a commercial entity established in 1997. We are a company that focuses on the real estate sector, we are developers, builders and our business is based on the management of both short and long-term rentals. Our company is located specifically in calle Botavara nº 7, Oficina 1 (Adeje), in the south of Tenerife, an area in which we mainly focus our business activity, although over the years we have also expanded internationally, getting to monopolize some countries in Latin America or the United States.

Our goal is to continue providing and offering our clients a quality and excellent service, to continue satisfying their needs, while continuing to grow and expand, both personally and professionally. Our scope of certification focuses on: The promotion and sale of real estate. Rental of: holiday homes, real estate, plots, commercial premises, chalets, warehouses, offices, plots, buildings, bungalows, garages, storage rooms and studios.

On the other hand, we want to continue improving the good image of our company and be able to make our services known to more and more people. For this, we are willing to expand our area of ​​action and contribute to developing activities that help us to carry out all our objectives correctly in the future. As a main premise, we address these lines of action towards the full satisfaction of our clients, stakeholders and always meeting their requirements and expectations.

To achieve this, we are involved in environmental protection, pollution prevention, continuous improvement of the organization and action in the environment. For these reasons, it has been decided to implement a management model based on International Standards ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management). Likewise, ELRONDAGUEL S.L. establishes, declares and assumes the following principles:

  • Always seek Continuous Improvement in our processes, the effectiveness of our Comprehensive Management System and the attention to our clients by the Management.
  • Effectively assign the roles and responsibilities of our staff and their commitment.
  • Raise awareness, communicate and motivate staff, as well as Stakeholders, about the importance of implementing, developing and maintaining our Comprehensive Management System.
  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and Stakeholders, earning their trust, loyalty and ensuring the quality of the services offered.
  • Management's commitment to the implementation of the Comprehensive Management System promoting the necessary resources for its purpose.
  • Protect the ecosystem through responsible use of natural resources.
  • Establish challenging quality and environmental objectives, ensuring continuous improvement of our performance and compliance.
  • Comply with all applicable Environmental Regulations and Legislation, as well as any requirement that the organization identifies as required.


The application of this Policy requires the active integration of the entire human team of the organization. To achieve this, the Management considers motivation and training for Quality and correct environmental performance to be a priority, ensuring the prevention of adverse environmental impacts from a life cycle approach and helping to protect the natural environment against damage and degradation. . This Policy serves as a frame of reference to establish and review the Quality and Environment objectives. This Policy is implemented, kept up to date, reviewed and communicated to all employees.



Adeje, January 23, 2018